Panel Topics and Participants - (continuously updated)  

Pharmaceutical Panel

Title:  “The Future Role of Blockbuster Products in Pharmaceutical Companies”

Moderator:  David Amar, President, ISO Health Care Consulting


  1. Roy Berggren, Director, Head of the North American Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products' practice, McKinsey & Company
  2. Carl Seiden, Managing Director and Senior Pharmaceutical Analyst, JPMorgan
  3. Jonathan Northrup, Director, Business Assessment & Strategy Integration, Eli Lilly
  4. Christine Poon, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals Group, Johnson & Johnson
  5. James Dolan, VP of Business Development, Purdue
  6. Stan Hull, Vice President of Marketing at GlaxoSmithKline
  7. Michael Rowe, Director of Global Marketing for Berlex


Finance Panel

Title: "Financing Healthcare Companies - A Brave New World: Outlook for 2003/2004

Moderator:  Tom Salemi, Editor of Venture Capital Analyst: Healthcare Edition


  1. Jesse Treu, Founding Partner of Domain Associates, LLC
  2. Kathrine Wolf, Managing Director, Healthcare Banking, Bear Stearns
  3. Fred Frank, Vice Chairman, Lehman Brothers
  4. Terry McGuire, Managing Partner, Polaris Ventures
  5. Jonathan Leff, Partner, Warburg Pincus


Entrepreneurship Panel

Title:  “Managing Today’s Challenges in Health Care Start-Ups:  A Cross-Sector Perspective”

Moderator:   Jay Moorin, Partner, ProQuest


  1. David Rubin, CEO, Cognia
  2. Eugene Hill, Partner, Schroder Ventures Life Sciences
  3. Patrick Ryan, CEO, Physician’s Dialysis
  4. Steve Webster, President and COO, Neuronyx
  5. John D. Mendlein, Ph.D., J.D., Chairman and CEO, Affinium Pharmaceuticals
  6. Lisa Skeete Tatum, General Partner, Cardinal Partners


Biotech Panel

Title:  “Is Acquisition the Only Way Biotechs Can Grow?”

Moderator:  Troy Norris, Vice President at LEK Consulting


1.   Arlene Morris, President and CEO, ClearView Projects

2.   Joyce Lonergan, VP Corporate Development and Investor Relations, Chiron

3.   Jay Mohr, Chief Business Officer, Nuvelo.

4.   Cliff Stocks, VP of Business Development, ICOS

5.   David Stone, Partner, Flagship Ventures

6.   Yujiro Hata, VP of Business Development, Enanta Pharmaceuticals


Medical Device Panel

Title:  “Integration of Medical devices and chronic disease management”

Moderator:  Martin Elling, Partner, McKinsey and Company


1.   Jeff Balagna, Chief Information Officer, Medtronic

2.   Richard Vance, MD, CEO, CorSolutions

3.   John Wilkerson, Founder and Partner, Galen Associates

4.   Bonnie Labosky, Group Vice President, Welch Allyn

5.   Patrick O’Neill, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of New Business Development, Medical Devices and Diagnostics Group at Johnson & Johnson


Payor Panel

Title:  “Does Prevention Pay?”

Moderator:  Nancy-Ann DeParle, former administrator of HCFA and current Advisor to JPMorgan Partners


  1. Peter Smith, Founder and Former Chairman, CorSolutions
  2. Scott Serota, President and CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
  3. Jack Lord, MD, SVP and Chief Clinical Strategy and Innovation Officer, Humana
  4. Arthur Rubenstein, MD, Dean of UPENN School of Medicine and Executive VP of the UPENN Health System

2003 Conference
February 20-21, 2003

The Wharton School - 2/20
Park Hyatt at the Bellevue - 2/21
Philadelphia, PA